Dr Karan Elliott



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Dr Karan Elliott joins us in 2019 from Sydney, having relocated with her family. Karan graduated with honours from Sydney Uni medical school and has worked in many areas of Australia and overseas – including Kenya, South Africa, Bathurst and Northern Territory (particularly with Indigenous communities). Her honours work included diabetes and she has published articles in this area as well as women’s health.

With a strong background in obstetrics and gynaecology, Karan works in conjunction with local hospitals and specialists for Antenatal Shared Care. She is also qualified for insertion/removal of IUD (Mirena and copper) and Implanon contraceptive devices. Additional training in paediatrics and two toddlers of her own makes Karan a great fit for families. Sexual and reproductive medicine are other areas where Karan has post-graduate qualifications and experience.

Karan sees all presentations and her surgical training has led her to expand her practice to incorporate dermatology and skin cancer.