Our approach to Women's health


With 8 highly qualified female doctors on our clinical staff, and two male doctors with a lengthy background in obstetric care, provision of health care to women is a particular focus of the Practice.

Provision of good health care to women requires skills and knowledge in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, pregnancy care and mental health, and in the recognition and provision of support to women who are victims of abuse and violence.

Women often experience overwhelming stress as they try to juggle job, spouse, kids, friends and time off. These pressures can have a significant impact on their physical and psychological health.

Our doctors’ approach to health care for women has a number of key components

  • understanding gender and cultural differences in health and illness
  • understanding women’s hormonal cycle and deviations from normal, especially at onset of menstruation, during pregnancy and during the menopausal phase
  • identifying women at risk of preventable disease and offering screening to reduce risk, including pregnancy
  • responding to the particular health needs of women arising from their social roles, responsibilities and position, and reproductive health needs
  • understanding the need for women to have access to sensitive healthcare and healthcare providers' with whom they can communicate well and trust

The practice offers the following services

Cervical Screening tests
Breast Cancer Screening
Management of Menopausal Symptoms

Pre and post-pregnancy planning:

  • Shared Antenatal Care
  • Contraception
  • Fertility Problems
  • STI screening and management
  • Sexual Difficulties
  • Lactation Problems