Healthcare for people in employment

People in employment need access to the same general practice services that all people need- that is, doctors who can respond to any health care concern that the patient has, either by providing diagnosis and treatment themselves or referring the patient to specialists or other health care providers.


However our practice provides a number of special services in virtue of our proximity.

  • Emergency treatment: we can deal with cuts requiring stitches, casting of minor fractures and other workplace accidents that do not require hospital attention. In case of accident ring us and we will advise you what to do.
  • pre-employment and occupational health medical examinations
  • workers’ compensation certificates

Flu clinics

We can provide vaccinations for influenza and other communicable diseases through our practice, or liaise with a workplace and be available for off-site clinics to vaccinate employees where they work, minimising disruption to productivity for local businesses and helping to maintain a healthy workforce.



There may be many things in your job or workplace that can make you feel stressed, for example: workload; bullying; conflict with a colleague; discrimination and harassment.

The symptoms of stress can include anxiety, low mood, altered appetite, and difficulty sleeping and can lead to heart disease, abdominal pain and bowel habit and other long term ill health. Just as our reactions to stress can be harmful if stress is prolonged, so too are some of the ways which people can use to try to cope with stress, for example, increased consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and prescription/ non-prescription drugs.

Our doctors can help you navigate the often difficult workers’ compensation process and the work relationships involved to achieve the best outcome for you.


Checking on and improving a busy person’s health

People in their working years, especially men, often experience few symptoms of illness that would bring them to a doctor. However disease can often develop unnoticed so a half year check-up that focusses on preventative health is a good idea. We are happy to send out a reminder for you to schedule an appointment at agreed intervals.