Care for children

Our clinical expertise

East Canberra General Practice has a special interest in the treatment of children and seven of our doctors have post graduate qualification s in child health.


We will always make time available for a child who needs emergency treatment. If you believe that your child needs urgent medical care, please say so to the receptionist. A nurse will then assess the situation and arrange for you to come to the surgery at once to be seen by a doctor or may advise you to go straight to hospital.  You may decide after discussion with the nurse that the matter does not need same day treatment and a later appointment can be scheduled.

Care for children

Our doctors monitor children's health and development and treat the respiratory, digestive, skin and general symptoms which children commonly experience. They also treat non-serious accidents, such as cuts that need stitching, minor bangs to the head, plastering of some fractures.  Our doctors can also talk about your personal concerns and stresses, make referrals to other service providers and support agencies and liaise with hospital staff to help manage your child's care after being in hospital.

Childhood immunisations

We also provide childhood immunisations. Our nurses and doctors work together to make this as quick and stress free as possible. We also provide written reminders when the next vaccinations are due.